This wiki is dedicated to the The Voice of Nick and his Twitch channel, where Nick creates voices and characters to add to the Expanded Nickiverse while playing video games on stream. You can find more info about the voices, characters and games played below.


Anyone who cheers or donates on stream receives a custom shoutout using a voice created by Nick live on the air. It's guaranteed that he will do a shoutout, but it's not guaranteed that it will be good or even make sense- that's the Voice of Nick promise!

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Nick focuses on story-based games on the channel, and typically goes for long-running series playthroughs. Here you can find the video games that have been featured on stream!

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The Voice of Nick's streams are part of a larger 'Stream Universe' where sometimes characters, events and concepts are named that do not fit into the traditional 'Voices of Nick.' Here's where you can find those!

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The Wiki was first suggested by Nick during an episode of Marvel's Spider-Man, as a home for all the characters created on stream. It was afterwards created by decaffbossman, through whose efforts this whole project was made possible.

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